Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summ changez

ughhhhhhhhh OH hey look an update

I'll be revamping this blog in a moment

Check back soon

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ho ho ho, what's this?

I'm procrastinating so hard, yeesh..

It's a bit too bold and.. ugly; I'm trying to work on it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


What I've been up to latley
(A lot of these pictures are terrible. I have to take better ones at some point in time) :

NEXT: Videos. I just have to get them together.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Terrible things I've been up to latley.

Hey hey hey hey. I haven't updated in a while. I'm swamped all week; so many projects due.

At least I get to look forward to TIM AND ERIC SEASON 4 THIS SUNDAY, AAUUGHHAHAHGH.

Here's what I've been doing, in order of most recent. Click to enlarge, eh?:

Just a few Slides/pages for an upcoming Surface Research (Yeah, that's the name of the class.) project that I'm totally going to fucking fail. My teacher hates me already. She's damn intimidating for no freaking reason.

Product of doing some sketchbook painting

Albino Black Sheep's Valensheepy

Character Designs for Mojizu.
I love that website.

Space Research Project, a wannabe Wolverine named Leroy.
I like Space (sculpture) a lot better than Surface (2D art and color)... I guess I just favor my space teacher more. My Surface Teacher is too choosy and opinionated sometimes; it's frustrating. It's hard to feel excited at all about her projects.

Christmas Sheepy

Really Terrible Obama Poster I made for a friend.
Obama would cringe!

There's a lot more, But I'll leave you with this crap.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Xmas List (As seen on Facebook)

Me thinks it's probably time to start developing a Christmas list.

I've never really been specific on what I've wanted, at least since I was 10, but there are just a few things I wish I had purchased on my own time:

Certain DVDs

There's a lot of DVDs out there of movies I want to see or TV shows that I haven't gotten around to ordering.

Tom Goes to the Mayor- The Complete Series
If you're friends with me, you should know how much I luff the duo. Now it's only 13 dollars. I saw it at Target ONE TIME too.. I should have bought it when I had the chance

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Season 1
I don't even need to say how much I love it. You cannot count the ways.

Wonder Showzen Season 1
Probably one of the most brilliant shows to ever grace Television, and I've only seen 2 full episodes. I can do better than that! There's also a Season 2 DVD.

Want it want it waaaannnttt it. I've never seen the whole movie; I was too scared of it when I was little. Know what happens, but of course, I just want to own it. :>

There's a lot more DVDS on my list, but these listed are the ones I'd probably cry over If I received somehow.

And if you haven't seen me cry, you're in for something pretty hilarious.

As a valid segue into the next category, a full functioning adult (like me) still has a few prop-like items on her mind. And when I say prop-like items, I mean

(non sex) Toys

John K's Awesomely amazing Political Toys
Each toy can be purchased separately,but this bundle package is actually not too bad of a deal. Each toy is 24 bucks but the package is only 54 bucks.

My favorite out of all three is the Barack Obama one, of course!

Really like the way all three are designed.

Humping Dog USB port
Pretty much speaks (or humps) for itself. I've always wanted one of these.. extremely amusing.

Silly Putty
If you ever wanted to win over my affection, silly putty is definitely the way to do it. Very fidgety hands here; so I've always been amused by silly putty. If you're willing to watch the spectacle of my intelligence melting within seconds, silly putty is what just might do the trick.

Posters and Graphic Novels

Dark Knight Joker Posters: 1 2 3
Let's face it. I might not have enough room in my dorm to put up a poster like this, but I'll be more than happy to own at least one. There's no harm in enshrining one of the greatest character renditions of the year, let alone the decade. It's cool having a dead man on my wall.

The amazingly epic ATHF movie poster
Click it and swim in it's epicness of all sexy epictasticy. Your colon will burst. Can you see why it must be MINE?

Grab Bag: I think that really anything interesting our out of place is a good gift in my book. I also would enjoy getting any children's books for the page art. Also, on the subject of books, a few graphic Novels I'd like to get my hands on:

Akira, Books 2-6
I only have the very first Akira book. Any other addition would make me go GAGA. I looked for Akira at the bookstore near my school but they don't have a single one!

Need this book to prepare for the movie that's coming out soooooon.

And Finally, the most important Category of them all:

Videro Gamez

There are some really great games that came out this year. I think the only one I really REALLY have been pissing my sheets over is Mirror's Edge, which came out a few days ago. MAN THAT GAME LOOKS SWEEEEEEETT. I can't wait to get my greasy little paws all over a copy, oh man.

Also, here's a few PSP games I wouldn't mind owning:

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Friday, November 14, 2008


What happens when you're tired and listening to MGMT.

The head Bobbles.

It's finally the weekend, again! So stoked for thanksgiving.

Also, removed the flash buttons on the right. I will be replacing them with more interesting linked images or something. Perhaps pixel characters.

Have a nice deheheheheheh.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Writing a paper. MMMmmm.

My feet smell so bad.

More pictures from the Zombie walk and RHPS will be up soon. (They're ALL already on facebook.)

Trying to win some storyboards from John K. The man himself. In all his Canadian glory.


The only character design I have so far. I've had NO time to work on it. Finished recording some spiffy sounding announcer voices, but I might have to redo them.

Rocky Horror last Friday (ANGELA DID THE MAKE UP SO GREAT):

Look at that face. Would such an angel kill a bike ridin' saxophone swinger?
Don't ask such questions.


>:D :D :)

I AM THE BOSS. (so is Tempest)