Sunday, August 31, 2008

BEHEMMMOOTHHHHH (and an update)

This weekend's going to be a bit of a bummer. Everyone's decided that they're suddenly "homesick" already. So what are these 'er PANSIES doing? RUNNING HOME TO THEIR MOMMAS. PFFT. MAN UP, YA'LL. REAL (WO) MEN STAY ON CAMPUS; EVEN ON A THREE DAY WEEKEND. YEAAAH. URRGHHH UNNGG.

And then my brother called me. Saturday morning:

"Niiicooolleey wollie."

"Yes, Justin."

"Are you coming home?"

"I.. I'm not sure"

"are you coming home Sunday?"


"are you coming home Monday?"

" I don't know Justin.. :( "

So now I kind-of feel bad. Justin doesn't REALLY miss me. I think he totally enjoys being alone now; but I kind-of feel like I'm the only one who didn't leave on my whole floor.

But if I HAD left, I wouldn't have ever stumbled into Jenny and Anna's room! HAI GUYS! YUR LYKE MY BESTEST FRIENDS NOW AND I'LL NEVER SHARE YOU WITH ANYONE.

and Patrick. HAI.

The posse is growing; GROWING I TELL YOU.

2 art projects die this week; Time Studio I'm not too worried about. Drawing studio.. YEESH. I've got a day to finish 132 panels of teeny tiny detailed artwork. Not that bad.. it just takes a LOT of patience. I've only got 30 out of 165 finished.. sigh.. It's due Tuesday.

Hopefully that turns out alright.

On a final note:

On a final FINAL note:

Blog music player is COMING SOON. I can't use limewire here.. they'll kill you. So Suggest a few songs for me to buy on Itunes or something.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Something RADICAL

I just got a subscription to this AWESOME website. It's extremely simple; 3 webcams are watching an LED screen where you can put ANY IMAGE (or message) you want up on. I'm working on some images of my friends to put up.. testing to see which ones work and which don't.

This one didn't really work.. which made me sad. I'm working on Making it work.. maybe just a white/black outline would be better. I put some of myblack/white art up, though:

It's so fucking amusing. Costs a dollar to sign up.. (well really, 98 cents, since the guy who does it is canadian. :>) You have full access to all three LED boards and can upload images instantly.

Click to go to LED DESIGN.

Found it on stickerminions. Thanks Eep!



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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I don't have a camera yet, so I had to try to fit my big ass dry erase board onto my scanner. It kind of didn't work.. and I had to screw around with the quality so the details are visible.

click to make it bigger. :>