Thursday, October 30, 2008

Writing a paper. MMMmmm.

My feet smell so bad.

More pictures from the Zombie walk and RHPS will be up soon. (They're ALL already on facebook.)

Trying to win some storyboards from John K. The man himself. In all his Canadian glory.


The only character design I have so far. I've had NO time to work on it. Finished recording some spiffy sounding announcer voices, but I might have to redo them.

Rocky Horror last Friday (ANGELA DID THE MAKE UP SO GREAT):

Look at that face. Would such an angel kill a bike ridin' saxophone swinger?
Don't ask such questions.


>:D :D :)

I AM THE BOSS. (so is Tempest)


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The pride and joy of my midterm was most definitely the value drawing, :/

I WILL have pictures of it tomorrow. Promise! It's currently hanging up in Bowe Street... I'll get a snapshot of it during Time Studio Tomorrow.

Everyone did a really good job; extremely impressed and intimidated.

My line drawing sucked ASS. I DARE not show you that one I need a technical pen/repididididildo graph or whatever. I used my shitty micron pens.. ugh it came out so ugly.

I physically pulled an all-nighter on the line drawing portion. My roommates officially hate me now; complained nonstop about how my lamp was on all night. Well, I kind of needed that to see. I even tried to hide it from their eyes so it wasn't so bright... I guess my efforts weren't enough.

I could rant about that all night, but meh. It happens . We rearranged the room , it's pretty nice now. I was hoping a new-ish room meant our roommate relationship could start a-new, but apparently, that's impossible.

It's really frustrating when people decide to take it into their best interest to place themselves on a freaking pedastool. People like that are dangerous; they've inhaled too much of their own goddamned farts. Not naming names, not being specific. I guess all the things I've done to assist, help, and do around this stupid room are null and void when people are living in their own little world.

So yeah. I'm literally restless. I feel like a hot turd in a germination vent.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Banner Should be working again

Hello all; does anyone happen to be on their fall break? I heard that most schools had their breaks last week, :/

I'm at home now on a Thursday; it's extremely calm. This is actually the most quiet I've had in weeks. Thanks to wonderful roommates who feel like it's necessary to stay up until 4:00 am for no apparent reason.

I could rant ALL day night and week about that. But I won't. Let's just say I'm a bit frustrated.

I do know that this soap I used to wash my hands smells really, really good. If only you could smell my hands right now. They don't smell like charcoal and crotch for once.

Fixed the banners today. Also working on a drawing studio Midterm(s)..

Haven't even started the second one. It's supposed to be a fully rendered, sexily perfect drawing of a piece of architecture..

Ugh. I'm scared for that one. I'm probably going to end up drawing the house across the street. It's due tuesday first thing in the morning..

Also, working on a very secret non-school related animation project. FOR MONEY! :> Wish me luck.. and screen shots will be up soon.

Much love to you all who don't even read this. :D

Thursday, October 2, 2008


College college college. Blogging aimlessly about how it's been will probably take up too much of your time. So for now, I'll skimp on the details and move right to the fun stuff.

introducing the FUN STUFF:


Came back to the dorms from class one morning and found this.. media-littered 17-magazine super orgy on our door. The crime was committed by roommates. Two of them, in fact.
SEX SEX SEX and cute boys whose faces weren't hot enough so their heads were chopped off the picture. Voicing my opinion on the door seemed to not make sense to them at all; who doesn't want clippings that just reek of over-objectification and slutry (if that's a word)?


I stepped up to the plate and covered my side with something.

I've been wanting to put this character up on the door since I got here.. it makes me feel better about the magazine clipping-rape on the other side:

MORE WORK (click to make images BIGGAR)

Also, lots of people were running for dorm-council positions this week. Me and Jenny decided it was time for change:

We're not even running. We just wanted to make a cool poster.